Monday, January 31, 2011

does our tech make us happy?

It's true... my bike does make me happier than my car did. And though I prefer an express bus to a car commute, I'd rather be on my bicycle. -if only I could cycle 45 miles in an hour... Although, if this list is right, I need to be thinking about getting a horse ( since I don't think that sailing up and down the Jordan river would quite work).
..."In this age, 'judging technology' means one of two things: reviewing a particular tool for how well it satisfies the consumer, or doing deep thinking about Technology as a whole. I don't think there's any such thing as 'technology'. Every tool, every system of tools, every use of every system of tools, is a different animal. And instead of judging a clothes dryer for how well it dries your clothes compared to another clothes dryer, we should also judge it for how it affects the meaningfulness of your life, the society it is part of, and the rest of life on this planet." are the preliminary results for the more common transport means:
  • sailboat 85 - 74,
  • horse 79 - 70
  • bicycle 77 - 63
  • private jet 58
  • airliner 45
  • passenger train 44 - 30
  • automobile 25
Note that energy use and ecological damage are not the only criteria.

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